Blog updating is easy

17.03.2014 on 11:15 • edited 17.03.2014 on 11:20, rev. 2 • no comments

Consistency in writing frequency doesn't seem to be my best trait, my attempts notwithstanding.

It's not like I'm busy coding this or that large site or something, making heaps of money out of it. Nor have I got a full-fledged family with children, full-time job at the nearest cubicle, a car credit and a mortgage to tend to. Just some odd jobs and coding-related tasks to do, a smallish household to keep and hopefully the Steam lib to play through.

But turns out it takes me a noticeable amount of time and some large overhead to complete most tasks. Take for example the simple act of rewriting the entries in the so-called portfolio, which, surprisingly, required 19.5 hours of net work-hours, so to say, and spanned for a month or so. Some of the notable reasons for that boil down to my desire to do the job in such a way that I won't feel compelled to redo all the text from scratch again, to write everything as objective, simple and correct as I can possibly do.

I tend to overcomplicate most of the tasks I've got in my to-do list. These tasks usually boil down to coding something or writing, like this blog entry. Most of them are left hanging in a half-completed state because of my exaggerated requirements. Even this little chunk of text has undergone several iterations, and the time spent on it is, to say the least, unjustified.

I always remember about text-writing and it's there in the backlog, but it's constantly put away, partly because there's few things that I wholeheartedly consider interesting and worth mentioning there. Unfortunately, I don't have this big project of mine (pun intended, huh) to enthusiastically work on, as people rich in ideas usually have, so no sources for constant updates and advertising for you here. Other stuff gets slowly pushed up the stack and is eventually done, sure, but I can rarely fuel my narrative with interesting and wonderful aspects of that daily/weekly/monthly routine.

As for the common actual news — I'm coming to Iceland this late April for ~10 days. I wouldn't miss the chance to cover $500 worth of expenses using virtual currency and see at least one EVE Fanfest there. Getting myself a Schengen Visa directly is a nice change, too, because the process is somewhat harder for those who aren't officially employed. And traveling abroad with the help of tourist agencies hasn't been the best experience for me for the last years, so I guess it's time to try other ways.

I am also embarrassed to confess that I miss awfully on the few Livejournal posts that sometimes crop up in the friendsfeed. That feed doesn't allow to navigate to older entries. Don't remember if it was so in the first place or if it's something new, but anyway, entries are often skipped. Had to manually cycle through all people (not many, thankfully in this context) to catch up, so I hope that would pass for a kind of redemption.

Bonus content for those who endured till this point - a homemade x7500 time lapse of an avocado. That's one of some 20 household plants I'm tending, so I guess I like gardening, huh. If you happen to be concerned about the last seconds of the video, don't worry, that's due to late watering, the guy grows up all right.