Issues with communication, or a lack thereof

28.10.2013 on 22:08 • edited 28.10.2013 on 23:39, rev. 15
hello-world-2013-01-02 (because any text is of no use without a graphic payload)

It seems that your average internet user relies on narrower communication channels these days. Social networks, vk/fb, tweets, all that stuff. A good mean to put your priceless thought into some 255 characters of text, unless you want something broader and classy, but that's some rare case, it seems, given how little activity happens on, say, LJ, which I still monitor. But not modern social nets, as you might have guessed, so I'm somewhat lacking in that kind of interaction.

It would really be a nice thing for me to write something periodically to at least indicate that I'm still kicking. Proper communication is good for everything - from health to spirit to business.

Earlier - like earlier this year - I happened to chat with Vladimir Y. on the matter. "Sure I'll be writing soon, I just gotta update some blog software, web engine, whatever, and then it's all green light", I said. And what do you think? Tick-tock, still no nothing.

It's somewhat sad that it's not like I shelved the subject for good, the issue of me not writing anything has been bothering me all this time. But like most other problems of mine this one quickly escalates into something unreasonably bigger. I can't just drop some text on the LJ and be happy with that, I need some unjustified functionality for me right on my own domain, with blackjack and.. well, event hooks. And the nightmare starts.

  • I just like it when the images are hosted securely, that is, they don't spontaneously disappear after a month or two as with some free image hostings
  • Multilingual support, aka i18n. Yes, no one really cares that your content is in two languages, but still it's funny! Also funny that the initial content is generated in english, given that I'm, like, not an englishman
  • Your stuff can be posted automatically on different other platforms if you are ready to spend some time coding.
  • Oh, while we're at all this, it would be nice to clear up and update the portfolio and the whole damn so-called site. And redo the markup. And switch to a more contemporary view, with responsiveness and whatnot. And yes, gotta read all those books about generic design and composition.

So, as you see, sooner or later you come to a list of boring technical tasks where one problem raises a bunch of other funny issues, and so forth until you are overwhelmed by the long list of what you have come up for yourself to fix, create, refactor etc. And in the end your initial wish to write something possibly interesting turns into flat technobabble.

Because of this seemingly simple problem all my (not so frequent, really) urges to write are funneled into a notepad of "stuff to post about in the near/far future". The good thing is that the ideas are allowed to incubate further or die completely there, so I don't make a shame of myself posting evident unstructured silliness. Like when you consume a gallon of beer and that cool idea comes up your mind and you really, really should share it with the rest of the world. On the other hand, the other ideas that survive the time-filter look like they are somewhat boring and serious to be posted. Anyway, I'm not planning an elaborate entertainment blog-like program, so I'm not going to be apologizing for something one will consider too serious and/or whiney. You had it coming, you know.

That is. I am alive and sound, and I aim to be updating more frequent than each 1.5 years.

And if you happen to have read till this moment, here's some more pixels for you.

dwarf-fortress-high-definition Think of it as just "oh he's so narcissist", but god damn Dwarf Fortress in HD is so gorgeous, the graphics in 1080p are just unparallelled!