March 2012 news report

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My apologies for not updating anything for long. There is actually not much to posts updates to, so I'll leave you with the breakdown below.

Darep library

That is the framework I use in most of my Web-related coding tasks for those who hasn't noticed. Used to facilitate working with database design and access, something like phpMyAdmin does but with a bonus. In time many bugs and design flaws have shown their ugly heads and a need to make further adjustments have thus arisen. Moreover, some people and projects asked for additional functionality that was unavailable in the initial "build". It took some two months of intermittent work to upgrade the library that is now considered beta in contrast to the first version that had no precise alpha-numeric name.

So what we have here now is ORM functionality with the structure creator, a more or less automated form parser and generally beter CRUD operations, file storage capabilities, a cacher and support for event processing. This is hopefully enough to power small to middle-scale sites, though testing on a large project (see below) should reveal the truth about the library performance.

I don't really know what to do with this piece of code in terms of its future. On the one hand I spent a noticeable part of my coding life to implement this lib and now make money out of it, though not very much. On the other hand the lib is just another wheel reinvented. The reason I use it is because the few other options I considered were too bulky, too high-level or seemed not rigid enough for customization. I'm not talking about content management systems or frameworks here because, unfortunately, they just freak me out as unfriendly both to end-user and a coder. So I feel better sticking to my own code.

But for this code to matter more I feel I should put up a public Git repo with it. Maybe a few people will get interested in it and at least give me some code review. The funny thing about all this is that I fear to show the possible crap I wrote, but I'm also afraid someone will just take the code and leverage it for their own profit. Contradictory me.

That project we are working on for a year or something

It was called Everything I Have but was later renamed to Mine because the domain was inpronounceable in English, so we got a new one. Currently most part of it is done and then redone, server and client side. I really wish this is made into something working as a whole so I can at last see whether it is worth spending another round of my life.

This site features stuff I haven't coded before, like an API (rather primitive non RESTful) with more than 30 methods, rather aggressive caching of data requests and a framework for an achievement system. I really need to put this into my portfolio, but as long as the site doesn't work publicly on the Net it's a no-go.

Other jobs

Unfortunately there were not much work to do, so at most some two and a half projects kicked in, but they still have no design on top of them, so there is nothing to show. There was a small chance that a rather wealthy company may need a programmer like me, but this didn't turn out that way. Don't know why, but it seems these people just have more serious real-life work to do than to concentrate on some internet projects.


Alive and slowly kicking, though at the time I could be hired by the company mentioned above I managed to get acute pain again which prevented me from functioning well as an office worker. I was somewhat discouraged by that fact knowing that I had done nothing that could worsen my case. But in a month the symptoms have gone away and currently I'm living mostly pain-free and without pills. But some yoga mixed with qigong and swimming should still keep me busy from working full-time.