Updating is easy indeed

10.11.2016 on 00:23 / not commented

At some point in time I'll raze all this stuff, set up something simple and be a good update-complying citizen.

Or something, like I've been telling myself for the last two years or so. Surely at least some content would have been generated during that timespan.


Blog updating is easy

17.03.2014 on 11:15 / not commented

Consistency in writing frequency doesn't seem to be my best trait, my attempts notwithstanding.

(Why is that?)

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Issues with communication, or a lack thereof

28.10.2013 on 22:08 / not commented
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It seems that your average internet user relies on narrower communication channels these days. Social networks, vk/fb, tweets, all that stuff. A good mean to put your priceless thought into some 255 characters of text, unless you want something broader and classy, but that's some rare case, it seems, given how little activity happens on, say, LJ, which I still monitor. But not modern social nets, as you might have guessed, so I'm somewhat lacking in that kind of interaction.

It would really be a nice thing for me to write something periodically to at least indicate that I'm still kicking. Proper communication is good for everything - from health to spirit to business.

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March 2012 news report

29.03.2012 on 19:47 / not commentedtagged - news, darep

My apologies for not updating anything for long. There is actually not much to posts updates to, so I'll leave you with the breakdown below.

(Darep, EIH, jobs, health)


Why I hate Celestron

08.06.2011 on 00:22 / not commentedtagged - hobby, hardware, electronics

My father got a telescope as a birthday present some years ago. It didn’t cost very much, had a collimator targeter and a nice tripod with servomotors and a wired control. You just plug the stuff or power it with batteries, take the control and press the arrows there - the stuff moves and allows for a precise corrections etc. Not a serious apparatus, but anyway.

(And so Shein decided to make use of one of its functions...)