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Project screenshot
Project screenshot
Project screenshot

About Collectica

The site was conceived by Mr. Green to fill a specific niche of hosting the images for people's collections. At the time there were various sites devoted to particular collectibles (i.e. gum inserts), and of course there were generic photo hostings, but you could not show your collections in a neat and aesthetic way and connect with other collectors. That's the use case Peter tried to cover.

After the initial development the site has been put online and is now de-facto shelved and forgotten, though still somewhat operational.


There aren't many original features to speak of in this relatively simple site.

  • Aesthethic and laconic design with the ease of collection overview navigation.
  • Ability to tag the collections and add custom properties to their elements, be it a country name, or date of acquiring or whatever.
  • Collections are rated using site rules to determine their visibility on the site and encourage better overall content quality.
  • Site administration and moderation is done inside the same pages, not a separate administrative interface.


Everything except designing and turning the design into markup.