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Project screenshot
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About BSG

Business Support Group is a legal services company which deals in a range of services varying from business/accounting support to court defence, the main scope being Russian law. In order to establish a secure way for document management and to serve their clients in a timely manner they needed to have an online tool to track the progress of each service order, as well as receive new requests and possibly bill their clients electronically.


  • A public section with informational pages, legal cases, information on services offered and other data the client can change at will.
  • Control panel is a restricted zone with different functions based on who has access to it: a client or an employee.
    • Clients can register multiple legal bodies to be supported by BSG, request services for them separately, provide required documents, track the order progress and ultimately pay for the provided services.
    • Higher-level employees track the incoming service requests, assign appropriate specialists to perform work and track their work logs.
    • Specialists provide the services required, update the clients on current state of affairs and log all their work for internal user.
  • BSG Club is a moderated bulletin-board fashioned section where the company and the clients can put up information, offers and openly communicate between each other.


  • Database design;
  • Server-side programming;
  • Embedding the design;
  • Non law-specific translations.

Technical highlights

  • Database interactions are based on Darep.
  • Site-wide multilingual support based on Gettext.
  • Uses Chronopay as online payment gateway.