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About Art-Kid

As can be deduced from the name, Art-kid was an organization that dealt with objects of art tailored for children. It was a commission business where various artists sold their art consisting of paintings, sculptures and decoration services like room wall paintings. It's only natural that the owners wanted to extend their reach by creating an appropriate internet resource with the same aim.


The site acts as an intermediary, so it's the artists who register that make up the contents of the database. They also set the appropriate prices for their art products. Those that get interested in a work can reach the seller indirectly via the appropriate web forms.

The site is therefore built around the following features:

  • An extendable gallery of multiple types of art objects: paintings, sculptures, custom portraits, wall paintings.
  • To browse the above with ease there's a multiple-criteria searcher that accepts both generic filters applicable for all goods as well as specific filters if a concrete type is being searched (i.e. searching by medium type of a painting, or by material type of a sculpture)
  • Registered users can promote to representatives for an artist or several ones by adding them and their works into the database. Otherwise the users are treated as would-be clients.
  • A range of social integration widgets, internal like buttons is meant to spread the word and advertise the art object or an artist, as well as to bring the more popular things up in the listings.
  • For better communication a forum has been seamlessly integrated to allow those registered on the site to use it without any additional actions on their part.
  • There's built-in administrative functions for the owners: an editor for informational pages, products / users moderation forms, an editor for internal banners and a newsletter composer for sending mails to subscribers without resorting to third party services.


  • Database design and internal site structure;
  • Server setup, administration, maintenance;
  • Server-side programming;
  • Conversion of the design layout into compatible templates;
  • Localization into English.


  • The forum used together with the site is an open source Phorum, customized to look the same as the site and integrated using its hook system.
  • Smarty templating engine is used to output all site pages, not pure PHP. Sought to simplify the designer's / markup guy's job, but in the end the hassle outweighted the benefits of such controller/view separation way.
  • The internal mass mailer is implemented with SPF, DKIM in mind as well as bounce message handling to curb down the spam rating.
  • Multilingual support is implemented via Gettext