Satka Metals Inc.

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Project screenshot
Project screenshot
Project screenshot

About the company

Satka Metals Inc. is a pig iron smelting facility that smelts and distributes ferroalloys from a village of Satka, Russia. The company needed a simple business card-like small site to establish presence in the net.


The site is a simple business card. It means there's not much functionality involved, and most elements are pretty much static.

  • There is a means of an administrative entrance with which one can switch into maintenance mode.
  • Most text on existing pages is editable via popup windows when in maintenance mode.
  • A small administrative interface is there for managing the list of products where you can put the appropriate description and images for each entry.


Design the server-side implementation for the business-card, upload it, test it and hand it for the designer to embellish the site appropriately.