Crimea '10 thumbnails

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15.08.2010 — full-size link

I spent two weeks in Crimea living on rocks without bothering to set up a tent there. No power, no internet, no fancy stuff. A 6V lead battery, a small cluster of sun batteries to charge the former, a PDA to read books and a mobile phone to call parents to inform them I'm not dead yet. I had an old Minolta film camera and some BW film. It was actually too hot to shoot anything at daytime, because when you're not in shadows you're about to melt to a puddle of smelly biomass. These are 10x15 cards from that film. Should have been 15x22, but the Photoproject girl seems to have misinterpreted my request. Ahh, to hell with her. Anyway, my scanner is somewhat damaged, it seems, so I cannot scan anything. Here you go, I can at least show you some thumbnails. Clicking the full-size link is recommended